What people say about                                 therapy.....

"I was very skeptical of EMDR in particular, but it proved to be incredibly useful for helping process past trauma.  To the point I feel completely rid of certain bad emotions tied to specific events" M.S. 03/20

Thank you so much! It has been a long journey that at times has felt almost too difficult  to continue but i alway felt safe and supported and knew the outcome would  be worth it, and i was right. I finally feel like I am free of the things I have carried around with me for years and I am optimistic about the future.  I cannot recommend Lynne and EMDR highly enough!  A.B. Dec 2019>>

"I wouldn't have believed my life could have been turned around like it has in such a short time.  The rest of my life starts now. Client  M.L. October 19

"I wasn't sure what to expect from this therapy but really glad I did it.  I have learnt a alot about managing stress, anxiety and emotion than I could have imagined.  This therapy has helped me overcome some old emotional issues I didn't even know existed. EMDR therapy works in ways I don't understand still but it works all the same.thank you for teaching me these techniques that other therapies have failed with. Client  A.D. August 19.

"I didn't know what to expect but Lynne was welcoming & non Judgemental.  After just a few session I was less anxious, calmer & sleeping much better.  Even my family noticed a difference.  Would recommend to others don't suffer in silence." L.H. March 19

"I was initially apprehensive about EMDR Therapy, however being made to feel as relaxed and as comfortable as possible made it easier to take on board what was needed and focuss on the methods to help me through the traumas I had been referred for.

I have taken a lot of tools away with me to use as and when I may need them in the future and now feel more confident in facing any further traumas/memories in a more positive way, so being able to process them effectively, rather than them affecting me in a negative way." L.M. Feb 19

After having a lot of therapy with different styles I didn't think this would help as much as it has!  I am in such a better place and so glad I came and stuck it out. Thanks a lot!"  L.C. November 18

I was sceptical about the process prior to starting the treatment, however I was supprised after the first session just how much it had helped. J.M. October 18.

"Allowed me to break down my thoughts/trauma/emotions so that I started thinking rationally again, which then calmed my anxiety, improved my moods and made me feel happier/see things clearer/have a better understanding of myself and emotions.  The sessions and help that has been provided for me is something I will be forever thankful for, would highly recommend.  W.R. August 18

"Before I went for therapy I was very nervous of what would happen and how I would feel, Lynne made me feel very secure and understood how I felt.  She taught me coping methods and to put some memories away but not forgotten.  I feel so much better now.  I am sleeping better having been taught relaxing methods.  I trusted Lynn with past memories that some of my closest friends don't know. Thank you from the botton of my heart. " T.P. July 18

<"Absolutely surpassed my expectations, really helped me to tackle a range od issues around a traumatic event and helped me get back to normal.  Thank you ever so much!" D.T. March 18

"I was in a bad place whenknow she is there for me if I have a bad time." I first saw Lynne, She was absolutely brilliant with me. I would never have thought that therapy (EMDR) could make me feel like I do today, it took only 4 weeks to get me to this point. I would highly recommend Lynne to friends and I also know that she is there for me I have a bad time. " G.E. 3/18

A client's experience of therapy.
This artice was written to help others suffering from OCD.
OCD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 1.pdf
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<< Thank you card recieved with a hand written poem.  Thank you so much......

For helping me through this difficult time.

This card is just for you.

To thank you for your patience,

your understanding too.

The advice and support you offered,

was really from the heart.

And who I am today,

You especially played a part. Thank you. B.H.  February 18.>>

 Lynne is an amazing therapist, I can't believe how much better I'm doing. I was a real pessimist.  S.S. September 17.

IInitially I was very unsure of attending these sessions.  We used EMDR and in the first instance it was extremely tiring but improved as the sessions went forward.  Personally it worked very quickly for me but I have a positive attitude. Thank you Lynne I am back to my normal self. K.M. August 17.

<< I am amazed how I feel now after my sessions.  Being able to talk to someone has helped me enormously.  The treatment has been very worthwhile and my anxious thoughts have almost gone.  As you informed me I did feel worse before I felt better.  I would advise anyone with mental health difficulties to give it a try. S.W. June 2017 (EMDR Therapy) >>

<< It was a new experience, relaxing environment and I learnt a lot of new skills - personal development.  C.M. May 2017>>

I I didn't think at first that the therapy was for me, after a while it started to make sense and therefore I started to feel the benefit from the sessions, I am glad I gave it  go, and am feeling a lot better from the experience. C.S. April 17( EMDR therapy)

 When we 1st met Lynne, I was a mess, living in a thick fog,but Lynne made me feel so at ease, and with her help the fog went. Lynne is a wanderful therapist and we can not thank her enough for helping to give me my life back. Julie & Martin 2016 

"Lynne has been brilliant, I would recommend her and EMDR to everyone that has struggled with trauma memories.  I am so pleased with the results in such a short time I wish I could have been here sooner.  I can't thank Lynne enough for giving me back my freedom and knowing it's ok to get a little emotional.  I didn't think I would ever get over my accident but I have and that is amazing." E.G. 2016

 "When we first met Lynne I was in a mess living in a thick fog, but Lynne made me feel so at ease, and with her help the fog went, Lynne is  wanderful therapist and we can not thank you enough for helping to give me my life back." J & M 2016 

Thank you card recieved saying ' doing things for others is such a special art...and it deserves a "Thank You" directly from the heart'. Thanks for all your help. C.W. 2016


You made me feel very much at ease. I enjoyed my therapy sessions, a very caring and understanding lady. Made me feel much better. S.B.  2016


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