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Here`s what people are saying about Healthy Minds 4U.

<< I am amazed how I feel now after my sessions.  Being able to talk to someone has helped me enormously.  The treatment has been very worthwhile and my anxious thoughts have almost gone.  As you informed me I did feel worse before I felt better.  I would advise anyone with mental health difficulties to give it a try. S.W. June 2017 (EMDR Therapy) >>

<< It was a new experience, relaxing environment and I learnt a lot of new skills - personal development.  C.M. May 2017>>

I would strongly recommend my therapist to anyone that need CBT & EMDR. I feel a better person for having this therapy. A.S> june-aug 2016

<< When we 1st met Lynne, I was a mess, living in a thick fog,but Lynne made me feel so at ease, and with her help the fog went. Lynne is a wanderful therapist and we can not thank her enough for helping to give me my life back. Julie & Martin 2016 >>

"Lynne has been brilliant, I would recommend her and EMDR to everyone that has struggled with trauma memories.  I am so pleased with the results in such a short time I wish I could have been here sooner.  I can't thank Lynne enough for giving me back my freedom and knowing it's ok to get a little emotional.  I didn't think I would ever get over my accident but I have and that is amazing." E.G. 2016

 "When we first met Lynne I was in a mess living in a thick fog, but Lynne made me feel so at ease, and with her help the fog went, Lynne is  wanderful therapist and we can not thank you enough for helping to give me my life back." J & M 2016 

Thank you card recieved saying ' doing things for others is such a special art...and it deserves a "Thank You" directly from the heart'. Thanks for all your help. C.W. 2016


You made me feel very much at ease. I enjoyed my therapy sessions, a very caring and understanding lady. Made me feel much better. S.B.  2016


Just want to thankyou for all the help you have given me,and it has really helped me.


-Stuart, 2015

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